Alternative Recovery Techniques (A.R.T.) at the New Mexico Men’s Recovery Academy and   New Path Ministries at the New Mexico Women’s Recovery Academy       currently on hold until further guidelines provided by NM Governor.

Volunteers from Peralta Memorial UMC travel to the recovery academies to teach arts and crafts skills to the residents there. The residents of the recovery academies are serving part of a judicial sentence, and they spend six months at the academy learning how to overcome substance addictions.

The main goal of the recovery academy ministry is to bring the love of Jesus to the men and women there through example, teaching, and time together. Additionally, the A.R.T.s and New Path programs seek to build confidence and self-esteem in the residents and provide the residents with the opportunity to learn new hobbies and skills that can enrich their lives. Through the Each One Teach One method of instruction, those residents with art skills or practice are encouraged to teach their peers. Peralta Memorial UMC also provides opportunities for the residents of the recovery academies to attend worship and learn even more about God.

Popular art projects and media include polymer clay, paper stamping and card making, sketching and painting, and yarn work and needlework.

Additionally, members of Peralta Memorial UMC help lead separate Bible studies, parenthood classes, Fatherhood, and life recovery classes.