Find a class that meets your schedule and helps you grow spiritually.

Sunday mornings:   at 9:45 am

Mondays – twice a month – Soulkeepers study group meets at 9:30 am in the Conference Room; May dates are: May 13 and May 27th.

Wednesdays:   Bible Study 5:30 pm – Room #101 in Community Building.   May dates are modified, and we’ll meet on May 1st, 22 and 29th only.

Thursdays:   GriefShare support group  — May meeting dates are may 9th and 23rd.  Start time is at 1:00 pm in the Conference Room.   GriefShare is designed to help those recover from the deep hurt of a loss. The GriefShare experience includes three key elements that work together to guide your healing process.


Here is a rationale for Adult Education – written by Bill Killough

We are inundated with information due in no small part, to the incredible advances in technology. How do we deal with this constant bombardment? This constant stream of sometimes subtle and subliminal messages? Messages that trivialize or outright denigrate Christian precepts? How do we stand up to it, especially with love and grace? After all, in this politically correct world we live in, the only group left that it is acceptable to offend is Christians. How do we put it all in perspective?

Many of our founding fathers believed that the knowledge of God was the beginning of all knowledge. Many of the men that signed our founding documents made it a point to read through the Bible once a year because it taught them how to live a virtuous life.

There are many Christians that have achieved great things in the name of God and are famous for it. There are also many that have persevered, and held up under tremendous adversities, that you seldom hear about. The one thing all these folks have in common, usually, is that they have set aside time on a daily basis for communion with God through prayer and the Word. There are many good examples in this regard!

We should emulate these heroes of the faith. This effort to mature in our walk with the Lord does not go unrewarded. The fruits of the Spirit become more evident in our lives and we gain wisdom, understanding and discernment (in time) which is crucial in our culture today. Knowing what is wrong yet doing what is right no matter what those around us are doing is paramount. We need to be able to see through the lies of “the Great Deceiver” who wants to steal our joy and destroy our lives and our country.

“There is nothing new under the sun,” so someone has told us. We are not going through or experiencing anything that others before us have not. We have the same tools and resources at our disposal! John Wesley was an advocate of small groups, and the early church in biblical times relied on meeting in homes. The importance of those that have accepted Christ to gather with other believers to share experience, clarify and solidify teaching, cannot and must not be underestimated! We have that available to us today. I believe every ministry in this local body is a “small group.” Every Adult Education and Sunday school class is a “small group.” Please take advantage, like many have, of the opportunities available to advance your spiritual “walk.”

At the end of George Whitefield’s funeral sermon, John Wesley prayed: “Let the fire of Thy love fall on every heart! And because we love Thee, let us love one another with a love stronger than death. Take away from us all anger, and wrath, and bitterness; all clamor and evil speaking. Let Thy Spirit so rest upon us that from this hour we may be kind to each other, tenderhearted; forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake has forgiven us!”