MISSION: Turning the hearts of youth and families to God and each other                                                                                                                   

Vision: Shaking up our community for the Glory of God                Haggai:2:6&7

Aftershock youth meet every Sunday night except holidays, from 6-8 pm and all youth 6th through 12th grade are welcome. We enjoy a meal from 6-6:30 and then gather for games and bible study. We enjoy traveling into Albuquerque to feed the homeless about 3 – 4 times a year and work towards a mission trip every summer.

The Time Capsule of 2020 has been planted, and will be uncovered in 10 years – 2030.  The youth enjoyed writing letters about themselves and their projections about what they think they’ll be doing in 10 years.  Also items were included to “tell a story” about what 2020 has been about. 

We have a safe place for you, so come and check us out or give our youth director a message:  Marlow Frasier- by sending an e-mail the church at pmumc@peraltamethodist.org